I believe that children can do anything with the proper support. When I am working with a child one-on-one, I constantly look for the things that are blocking their understanding. I then try to work that blockage from as many different angles, and with as many different tools as I can. I look to promote a feeling of success, and a long-term facility with the material. 

I am available to tutor children or adults of any age, in most any subject. I specialize in Algebra, upper elementary and middle school math, middle and high school writing, and organization and executive functioning.  I am delighted to work with children of every ability level, from those that need an extra challenge, to those that face extra challenges. Please note that I am not trained or certified in special education, but can help to refer you and your child to specific types of specialists as needed. 

In addition to one-on-one tutoring with children and adults, I also offer services as a curriculum consultant for parents who may need guidance in supporting their child’s progress and development. This could be useful to parents who are homeschooling, and also to parents who are looking to enrich their child's education in the context of traditional schooling.

I am also able to perform both qualitative and quantitative assessments. These assessments can give parents a general picture of where your child is academically and developmentally, as well as providing specific metrics. 

I tutor at a rate of $50/hr, and offer discounts for students working with me multiple hours per week. I also offer a free 20 minute intake conversation over the phone for new clients to discuss your family's needs.  During the fall of 2018, I am tutoring from my home in Charlottesville Tuesdays-Fridays, as I teach at CHEC homeschooling coop on Mondays.


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