Over the past four years, I have been developing programs to work with homeschool teens and prepare them for a formal academic setting such as high school or community college. The BRIDGE program is something I offered several years ago to the homeschooling community. It has morphed into a different program that I am hoping to offer for next year encompassing more subjects. I have left this page up for the description of the program and the philosophy behind it. If you are interested in my 2019-20 program, please see the small group homeschooling page here and the book list, which has brief curriculum descriptions here.

Bridge is a program that I started in Spring of 2015, aimed at homeschooled teens who are looking to gain the academic and study skills that will allow them to move into a more traditional academic program such as high school or community college. 

This program is a full day of classes that focus on writing and science skills, and help them to hone their homework and study habits. We work on time management, organization of materials and assignments, and pacing homework through the week— all skills that are essential in a high school or college environment.

While this class is directed at a 9th or 10th grade skill level, I have had children as young as 11 be quite successful in the class. This program is ideal for children and teens with a strong drive, and a desire to gain the skills to propel them into the next level of academic work. It is intentionally demanding. I work to push each student through the limit of what they think they can do academically, and to help them build new skills that they can draw upon in future learning environments.

In fall 2017, I will be offering a new round of classes, that will continue into fall of 2018.  During this first semester, we will focus on expository writing, and forming a five-paragraph opinion essay.

The Fall classes begin on September 27, and registration is now open. Please fill in the form on this page to register.

 In the morning, we will be focusing on how to write an expository essay. We look at how to write a thesis, how to organize a paragraph and then a full essay, and how to carry a logical thread through a piece of writing. We also look at topics in grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and vocabulary.

The afternoon class will have a focus on The first semester focuses on the biography of Galileo, the scientific method, experiment design, and concepts in mechanical physics.