Dear Students,

Please find all of your materials for the upcoming year below. Be sure to get all of the required materials for each of the classes that you are taking with me, as well as the general class materials. Do let me know if you have any questions. I am flexible on the type of general supplies, but please be sure to get the correct edition of all of the books so that the page numbers in your assignments are correct. These are all affiliate links to Amazon, which provides me with a small compensation with each purchase, but feel free to get your books and materials wherever you’d like.

General Materials for all classes:

Please get some version of all of the general classroom materials listed below. They do not have to be these exact ones. I do want to make sure you have reinforced notebook paper and erasable colored pencils. The three ring binder below is my favorite, but get something that works for you. (NB: The linked binder comes with tab dividers included. If yours doesn’t, be sure to get some. You will need them.)

 English Class: (Friday)

We will be doing three units in English: Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, with a field trip to the Shakespeare center in Staunton, a research paper, and a literature study of The Witch of Blackbird Pond. There will be an expository writing unit with the Shakespeare, and a creative writing unit with the novel.

(Note: Get either the 8th or 9th grade Wordly Wise book, based on your age/grade)

Science Class: (Tuesday)

We will be doing three units in Science. The first is a Chemistry unit that will last through the end of January, culminating in a homeschool science fair. We also have two guest lecturers for a psychology/human development unit, and a human biology and physiology unit. The guest lecturers are my mother, Nancy Rosen, who has been working in and teaching child development and psychology for her entire career, and my husband, Mikhael Solenne, who specializes in nutrition and the biology of the human body.

Our texts for the psychology and human biology units will be in the form of bound reading packets, and I have already ordered the Chemistry textbook at wholesale for everyone. I will send an invoice for those books and the materials fee for the lab equipment for Chemistry. Other than that, you just need the following: (Get the safety glasses that work best for you. I’ve included a link for a pair that go over glasses if needed.)

Math Class: (Wednesday)

The Math class will likely be in the form of individual tutoring, or pairs of students on Wednesday. If you don’t already have it, please order the appropriate textbook below, and be sure to have plenty of graph paper. I have linked to my favorite type. I do have a few Algebra I books to rent out, so please contact me before you order one. (The cartoon guide is a nice support for Algebra I if you’d like it, but it’s optional.)

History Class: (Thursday)

I have shifted and expanded the topic of this class from the original curriculum thoughts I had in the spring. We will be following three industrial revolutions (13th century, 19th century and the digital revolution of the mid 20th century), through critical inventions and their ripple effects economically and socially. This class will be mostly lecture-based, but will have some reading components, and some audio/visual materials online. I am still writing this curriculum, and may compile a reading packet or add books later in the year. (Feel free to get the adult version of Hidden Figures, if you feel that it better suits your reading level.)